TechGen CodeCamp 2018; Towards Technological Innovation

TechGen CodeCamp 2018; Towards Technological Innovation

In quest to grooming young Africans to become global tech innovators, preparing them for the future and reduce unemployability rate. In less than two years, TechGen Africa had inspired over 3000 young Africans to code through various schools (public and private), communities and NGOs. Other programs include TechGen Challenge, mentoring, code festival and CodeCamp.

The last summer wasn’t an exception, as we penetrated 150 young Africans through partnership with destiny trust(which host 135 underrepresented person’s), Almond schools and specific families. This year codecamp occurred for 5 weeks. Also we made history by featuring the first blockchain training for kids in Nigeria and second in Africa after Kenya.

Apart from coding, blockchain technology and scratch programming, students took part in leadership class, sports and excursion. At the end of the 5 weeks codecamp, some of the students used the coding skills acquired to solve some local problems they had observed.

Innovations by the students includes mobile hospital, traffic teller, CGPA calculator, language translator and pizza calculator for domino. It was indeed an amazing summer! As schools resumed, our coding club also resumed in many schools and homes. Contact us if you want your school’s or youngster’s to learn the future skills with professionals.

The program was also sponsored by @mindthegap, garmelial and Susan onosode foundation (Gamsuf),  AndelaFlying Doctors, firstwealth. It is worthy to note that TechGen Code camp will be converted to code festival and it will take place in virtually all Africa countries next year, as the program is invaluable to be localised. isn’t this a worthy journey? Check for further enquiries

Abraham is passionate about Technology and Leadership for sustainable development - Call him The Digital Leader. He is the Co-founder of SocialGood Lagos, a Chapter of The United Nations Foundation - +SocialGood community, dedicated to leveraging technology to make the world a better place.

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