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SocialGood Lagos Amplifies the #2030Now Conversation in Nigeria through Social Good Summit 2018

While the world is preparing for the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly and other side events, my team at SocialGood Lagos was equally working on localising the #2030Now global conversation using the vehicle of Social Good Summit meet-ups.

It’s 12 Years from 2030 and a recent UNESCO report says, “Nigeria may not meet the SDG goals 2030 on education, maybe until 2070.” It’s quite alarming and the onus lies on all stakeholders to identify the loop holes, as we create the right building blocks for development, while strengthening the areas of our wins. Social Good Lagos Summit 2018 was focused on exploring the actions needed to narrow our development GAPS in Nigeria and constructively highlight the way forward.

On Friday 7th September 2018, we held the second edition of Social Good Summit Lagos with the theme; Bridging the Gap – #2030NOW, engaging over 200 youths and bringing together a combination of experts, advocates, and entrepreneurs from the public and private sector to stimulate constructive conversations towards the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In my welcome address, I didn’t fail to mention that the sustainable development goals is the people’s goal and at SocialGood Lagos we are passionate about localising the global agenda in Lagos because of the huge potential and position of the city in sub-Saharan Africa and the continent at large. The beauty of the social Good Summit is not so much about the fancy nature of the events but about inspiring individuals to take action towards the SDGs.

Social Good Lagos 2018-Abraham-Ologundudu-Co-Founder
Abraham Ologundudu (Me), giving the welcome address.

Since 2017, when I volunteered to organise the first Social Good Summit meetup in Lagos, my vision has always been the same. To build a platform that brings together leaders from all industries to discuss about the sustainable development of our communities. To tell the Nigerian story, celebrate our wins and acknowledge our shortcomings, as well as restate our commitment to do what is necessary to see the change that we desire. In this way, we would inspire more people to take action towards the SDGs.

What gladdens my heart the most is that I am not on this journey alone, I have two amazing co-founders, Tobi Aigbogun and Pelumi Obisesan who are equally experienced in leading social initiatives. Having them cofound this Lagos community was one of my best decisions this year. I cherish the moral support, network and resources they bring to the team. Truly, if one would go far, one must go together with like minds. Coupled with the effort of our management team and volunteers, the success of the summit can only be credited to the collaboration we encouraged amongst ourselves.

I believe what we did, bringing together some of the brightest minds in Nigeria, creating a space for analysis and exchange of ideas amongst these thought leaders is one of the GAPS we need to proactively bridge if we truly want to drive the SDGs to fruition. It’s not surprising that one of the key takeaways from every session of the summit emphasised the importance of collaboration and strategic partnership in driving the #2030Now Agenda.

Interestingly, this is the foundation on which SocialGood Lagos is being built. Building a community that will leverage technology and new media to enhance social good initiatives through partnerships, collaborations and innovation. We have taken a step further towards this goal.

Thanks to our speakers, volunteers, media partners and community partners for the support in driving the conversation. Thanks to United Nations Foundation and Plus SocialGood for this platform to impact our communities.

The next step for us is translating the conversations from the summit into actionable community projects. The journey to bridging the gap to #2030Now continues.

PS: If you are interested to work with us on future projects or specifically would like to partner or sponsor the next summit, please shoot us a mail – hello(at) Look forward to hearing from you.


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