Social Good Inspiration – Create Your World

Social Good Inspiration - Create Your World

So, today is Motivation Monday and it has become quite a cliché but that does not in any way undermines its essence or why you should start your week with something positive to drive you for the rest of the week.

At Social Good Lagos, our vision is to create a better world for everyone in it. A world where positivity is seen in every picture of it. A world where there is love, peace and harmony and co-existence is possible among humans, as well as humans and nature.

However, this is not possible without your input. Your role is as vital as milk is, to a new born babe. Ever seen a baby grow without milk? Well, just in case you have, I haven’t (smiles).

This brings us to your vital role in this global project;

Did you know you can create your own world of positivity regardless of the present state of negativity surrounding the world right now?

Well, now you know… Enough of being stereotyped by the status quo, it is time to give life to your creative spirit and create your world.

We often times wonder why there are so many uniquely different people in the world. Sometimes, we wished everyone was like us. Lol… you do not want to see how boring that can be. The beauty of diversity cannot be completely pictured because it can be beyond our imagination.

We can take a cue from the Peacock – not the pride part though, but the singular beauty that its different coloured feathers brings to it.

Our collective individual brilliance will help in creating a world of absolute grandeur.

In order to create a socially good or better, great community, we must not succumb to the negative creations of others but dive into our inner being and create a world that generations to come will enjoy and reap the dividends.

We are Social Good Lagos and we promote positive social impact and influence in our community.

Temitope Durotoye is a Digital Leader, Teens' Coach and Self Discovery Enthusiast. He is a Content Developer at Social Good Lagos. He is passionate about making a difference in the world.

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