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Glocal Resilience Report

Drawing on both global and local perspectives from our recently concluded Social Good Virtual Series in the month of May 2020, this report offers valuable insights and analysis, as we strive together to ensure a more prosperous, just, and inclusive world.

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From #UNGA74, we recognised how important the next decade would be for the SDGs – since it has been named the “Decade of Action”. Now the world has been dealing with a global health crisis. But it’s much more; it’s also an economic and social crisis. For the first time in 3 decades, global poverty could increase.

COVID 19 has given us more evidence that our social systems need more consideration and inclusiveness. We dedicated May to have a conversation on this subject and also highlight various local interventions we have seen since the outbreak. After 19 sessions of interviews with several experts and actors across sectors, we have compiled the key themes from our conversation into this report.


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