BALANCE IS BETTER: Celebrating International Women’s Day

BALANCE IS BETTER: Celebrating International Women’s Day


Any man, nation, or people who underestimate or suppress women do so at their own detriment. Women are powerful beyond measure. They are leaders, nurturers, and highly influential people.

We have seen over the past decade or so, how many women have risen through the rank of file of greatness, they have shattered stereotypes and dared great things. We have the likes of Ibukun Awosikarising to become the First Bank Chairman. We have Dr. Ola Orekunrin who pioneered West Africa’s First Ambulance Service. The list goes on…

There is almost no field of human endeavor where women are not having a voice and beginning to be a force for change and transformation.

From history, it is obvious we have lived in a society that is largely male-dominated. Women babe constantly had to fight for their rights.

The United States acclaimed to be “the greatest country in the world” did not grant women the right to vote until 1920. This didn’t come easy. They were protests, the protesters were arrested all for the sake of bringing equality in this area. It was after the 19th amendment which was sent to the Congress that women were now allowed to vote.

In other countries, top positions are given only to the males while women are put in the background. In some organizations, a man is paid better than a woman even though they may perform the same functions and even have the same qualifications.


Balance is critical to the world today.

Achieving a balance between Male and Female gender is crucial to development all over the world. The UNWomen research reveals that empowering women and bridging gender gaps will greatly help in the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The Global Goals, as they are also called, focuses on a number of things among which is to achieve gender equality and to empower women and girls as well.

When women are economically empowered, productivity will be enhanced in any nation.

In many nations in the world, women are more unemployed than men, they are relegated mostly to domestic work, they are less likely to succeed in an entrepreneurial path.

The gender divide can be solved by proper orientation of all people. Corporate organizations and governments all over the world must come to the realization that we need more women to be given opportunities to contribute their quota.


As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, we must realize that this is not just something to be talked about once a year, the empowerment of women and girls must go on every single day. Only then will we have all-round growth and development in all countries in the world.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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